Journee trips are exciting and experiential trips to interesting destinations.

We try to avoid overly 'touristy' places and our trips are 4, 5 or 7 days long.

We take care of flights and accommodation. But, what sets us apart from other travel companies, is we'll also book experiences that we know you'll love based on what you told us in your Trip Matchmaker form. 

Dining at the home of a professional chef in Prague, a guided nature walk in stunning Meteora and a live fado performance in Lisbon are some of the experiences we've booked for Explorers.

The number of experiences depends on how long you're going away for, the budget you give us and the pace of your trip, but it will always be at least one.

To get a feel for what a Journee trip is like, have a read of what previous Explorers said over on Trustpilot.

While you're away, you'll still need to navigate around the city yourself using public transportation and walking. So make sure you're phone can be used abroad, and maybe pack a portable charger!