We know surprise travel can be daunting, and in some cases difficult due to specific health requirements and work permission. Unfortunately, under no circumstances are we able to reveal a destination directly to an Explorer before their adventure. However, if your job has any specific travel requirements or, if you need pre-authorisation for leave there are a couple of ways we can help to make your adventure possible. 

Firstly, if your job has a list of specified no-travel zones, please ensure your exclusions list is up to date with all of these destinations to ensure we can create a proposal that can be a good match for you. You can submit these in your Journee Questionnaire or update them via the button in your Journee Proposal. We won’t send you to mainstream places like Dubai, Paris or Venice. It's not going to be your departure or passport country either. As obvious as it may sound, we won’t send you to an active conflict zone, or anywhere dangerous for that matter.

If required, we can happily email your employer or a trusted friend your destination and flight information to enable you to secure approval without needing to know your destination and keep the surprise alive. If they need any further information they can request this from the team (required they keep the surprise alive).

If you're a US Explorer, your Journee Pack will arrive in your mailbox around 3 weeks before your trip. At this point, you're able to reveal your destination at a time that works best for you. If required you can share any further details that you may need to provide with your work. If, following this reveal you're unable to proceed with your trip you'll be able to cancel as per our policy here

If you have any questions before you book, drop the community a WhatsApp or email. We'll be happy to help!