If you've just received your proposal and you haven't booked yet, you can tweak your proposal so that your trip feels like a perfect fit! See below:


If you'd like to change your dates, all you need to do is tap the purple button your proposal just under your flight details. This will take you to your flight change tool. From here, you can see all the possible flights for your current destination within the date range you mentioned on your questionnaire.

You can also search any new dates under 10 months away (as long as they aren't too soon!) by tapping the purple 'search new dates' button on your flight change tool.

To change your flights, all you need to do is select the best flights for you and hit confirm at the end. Any impact on trip cost will be summarised on the confirmation screen.

Please note: The flight change tool shows all the possibilities for your current destination. If there aren't any flights or dates that work for you, we'll need to change destinations, so please get in touch!

If you're happy with your dates but are interested in other flight times or airports, all the options for your current destination will be included in your flight change tool (like above, just tap the purple button on your proposal).

Airport Transfer
To add an airport transfer when you land in your mystery destination, just tap the purple button in the Your Trip Details section of your Journee Proposal. Before you confirm the transfer, we'll let you know how much adding the transfer will cost. 

We don’t book transfers back to the airport at the end of your trip as we often leave the majority of your last day free. As we won’t know where you’ll be or how early you like to get to the airport, we’ve found it’s best to leave it up to you!

Destination or Experiences
If you don't love the sound of your destination or the experiences we've chosen for you, please get in touch over WhatsApp or email. We're more than happy to look into some alternatives once we have a better understanding of any non-negotiable preferences.