You'll be covered by this section if...

  • the UK government adds your destination to the red list
  • your destination makes all UK tourists quarantine on arrival
  • your destination is in lockdown and restaurants, bars and sights aren't open

Please note: This section does not include you testing positive for Covid (we recommend to cover you for this).


More than 15 days until your trip

£0 admin fee

We’ll rematch you to a new destination for the same dates using your original budget.


Less than 15 days until your trip

£0 admin fee

​We’ll keep the same destination, but try to move the dates of your trip to a future month. If we are unable to move it, we’ll refund you 100% of your money.


*If you decide you don’t want to change destination or move the trip, then it will be classed as a cancellation by you and covered by our cancellation policy.