If you are on your trip and your flights are disrupted or cancelled, your airline will handle all alternative arrangements (including arranging accommodation where necessary). In almost every instance, you will be updated at the airport before we are notified over email or online, so you are always in the best situation to stay informed. Unfortunately, we aren't able to access any additional information outside of that which is available online and/or in your airline's app.

To make managing disruptions easier, follow the steps below:

1. Add your fight booking to your airline's app or your online account using the booking reference provided in your printed itinerary and your surname. Once your airline announces the new arrangements, you'll be able to access the details or make any changes online once you have done this. If you need the email address associated with your booking, this is usually partnerships@journeetrips.com. If that doesn't work, just let us know.

2. Listen for updates and announcements at the airport. Airlines often take a little bit of time to make alternative arrangements, so delays are common. In most cases, they will share any new information with you on the ground before they update us or update the flight status online. Unfortunately, it is impossible to manage the disruption before your flight is marked as 'cancelled' online. 

3. If your delay is overnight and you need accommodation, your airline is responsible for providing this. They will usually do so in the form of a voucher handed out at the airport or by directly arranging a room for you and giving you the details. They will share this information with you at the airport. If you are not informed of any alternative arrangements, you will need to book a room yourself. However, you will be able to claim this expense back from your airline later so please hang on to all your receipts. In order to be reimbursed, you will need to book accommodation of a reasonable price (use 3* and under as a good benchmark). 

4. In general, keep all of your receipts for out of pocket expenses made due to your disruption. You will be able to submit a claim for these expenses with your airline! You can find details on what is and/or isn't covered on your airline's website.

5. If your flight is cancelled and your airline does not provide any alternatives, booking alternative travel with a different airline or method of transport is usually best. You will be able to submit a claim for these costs with your airline, so please keep detailed records of your expenses.

Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange alternative accommodation and transportation on your behalf as airlines typically only allow passengers to make claims for compensation and reimbursement.

Flight changes and cancellations can be very stressful, but you can rest assured that you'll be in the very best situation to stay informed on the ground. We will also pass along any information we receive and, of course, will be here to help if you need it!